Time-tracking, reports and visual time insights for Trello and Jira

Apps for automatic time tracking, exporting time reports to CSV/Excel/PDF, and viewing the duration of tasks with ease

Card Time In List For Trello Logo

Card Time In List Power-Up for Trello

Provides visual indicators to show duration of a card in the list. It is able to do automatic time-tracking based on the the lists you want to measure time. It can show reports on the average time spent by cards, labels or members in any list or until task resolution.

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Issue Time In Status For Jira Logo

Issue Time In Status Add-on for Jira

Find the duration on the current status through a visual indicator. No need for setup as the indicator is displayed on the right panel along with standard Jira properties. If you click over the glance, you can get the time spent on other statuses too

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Issue Time In Status Reports For Jira Logo

Issue Time In Status Reports Add-on for Jira

Easily find the time spent in each status. The add-on accumulates the duration for every time the issue has been on a status. Durations are stored as custom fields that are indexed and can be used in your reports

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What our clients say about us

I think in the long run, your power-up will be invaluable to our processes. 😊 Philip B. [Tax Help UT]
Just what I needed. It will be great to have some time filter to make the report generation faster. However, considering it is a free tool, I can live with that. Greta D. [Realtor]

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