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Time In List vs our Power-Up

We will introduce our Time in List alternative by breaking the discussion down to these topics: visual insights, time-tracking, reporting, exporting duration data and cost.

Visual insights

When it comes to visual insights Time In List provides only three features: time in list, time in board and time in each list. Our Power-Up supports those too. In addition, our Power-Up supports:


Both Power-Ups have the same spirit of tracking time automatically, without having to start-stop timers. However, Time In List provides just the time spent in list since the last move to the list. Our Power-Up takes into account even previous times the card has been move to that same list and adds it to the total duration in that list. Time In List has the option to exclude weekends. On the other hand our Power-Up has more granular control in addition to excluding weekends. It can:


Both our Power-Up and Time In List provide ready made reporting. Time In List provides charts that illustrate time spent by each card in each list, time spent by each member or time spent by each label. Time In List also provides average time spent by card, member or label. Our Power-Up supports all these features and adds even more. Instead of charts, we use tables. Tables give you further benefits like:


Time In List allows you to export time in each list as CSV. Our Power-Up can export to Excel and PDF in addition to CSV. Our Power-Up can export also times by each member or times by each label also.


Time In List charges you $3/member/month or $30/member/year. You have to pay for all the members, you cannot select. The trial lasts 7 days. Our Power-Up charges $1/member/month or $10/member/year. With our Power-Up you can select individual members you want to subscribe and the trial lasts 14 days. We are happy to extend it for you until you are happy with our solution.

Want a cheaper alternative to Time In List by Blue Cat in Trello? Give our Power-Up a try:

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