Automatic time-tracking for Trello

Trello is great because it is simple. We love it, and we strive to provide features that are simple to use in our Card Time In List Power-Up. There are a lit of time-tracking solutions for Trello. Though, most of them are hard to use and require manual work. With our Power-Up we came up with a simple time-tracking solution that requires no manual work. Say hello to automatic time-tracking with Trello. Members do not have to manually enter times in their cards. Duration is automatically measured by the time the card stays on a list. To track time, you just need to exclude certain lists for which you do not want to track time. A typical example, if you have just three lists TODO, DOING and DONE, would be to remove TODO and DONE from the time-tracking lists. The Power-Up provides two ways to track time:

Do you like what you just read? Go on and try it yourself with our Power-Up: Add To Trello

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