Simple duration reports for Trello

We all love Trello as it is simple. Our Card Time In List for Trello aspires to be as simple as possible to use. Upon installation and authorization you can immediately see the time each card has spent on their list via a badge: Time in list This time badge is a great visual indicator to track the cards that are going slow.

We are not done yet with visual indicators. If you want to rank cards by their duration, you can tell our Power-Up to change the label color based on the duration on each list. This helps you filter out the severe cards just by glancing: Color ranges

Sometimes, we find it handy to see the duration until the due date, even though Trello is careful enough to provide us a date. You can do this with our Power-Up, just go to Settings and set mode to add another label with the duration until due date or the duration past due date. In case the card is overdue, our Power-Up will display a negative sign: Duration until deadline

Finally, there is also another important visual indicator you can add to track time via our Power-Up. Most of the time tracking solutions in Trello take time to configure and operate. In our case, it is as simple as specifying the lists you want to exclude from time tracking and adding an additional label via our mode setting in order to show the duration spent in time tracking lists. For instance, if you have only three lists like TODO, DOING and DONE. You can configure our Power-Up to not track TODO and DOING and add an additional mode which will show only the time spent in DONE. Exclude lists from time tracking

Make reports easy with our Power-Up: Add To Trello

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