Trello hours tracking

Hours tracking in card label Our Power-Up makes it easy to do automatic time tracking. It helps managers keep track of the time spent in each of the cards with no additional pains of making the team input hours to the cards. Also, they do not have to make plenty of clicks or configurations to see such information. They can see it right from the badge. Team members at the same time can gauge how long they are taking to do something, or how long another colleague is taking for something related just by glancing on the labels. Those are great, but sometimes when we want to charge customers we want to find the exact hours we spent on project. You can do hour tracking in Trello with our Power-Up. You just need to go to the Power-Up Settings and specify the work hours. For instance:


For most of the cases, we do not want to track time spent on the weekend. That is why most of our customers want to exclude Saturdays and Sundays. Again, we do have a setting to exclude not only weekends, but any day they want to exclude from time calculations: For example:


Thirdly, if you want to measure only hours spent in specific lists you have to specify the lists you want to exclude:


In the end, if you have multiple cards you want to time-track to the hours precision, you can use our Reports page to get a picture of all the cards. From there you can filter the cards you want, and if you want to do some more formatting or calculations on your own, you can export them to Excel.

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