Time-tracking in Trello without emptying your wallet

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Our Power-Up is at least 3 times cheaper than most of the Trello Power-Ups that do time-tracking. We charge just $1/member/month or $10/member/year which saves you 2 months. How do we manage this?

Well, firstly, we try to keep things simple. Just the way Trello tries to keep things simple. We try to solve issues and add features to our Power-Up in ways that do not require heavy computation from the server.

Secondly, we let the customers decide how much they want to pay. Instead of charging for all members only, we also provide ways to select only the ones that are going to use our Power-Up features. During checkout, you have these options:

Thirdly, we provide our basic time in list feature for free. It will be forever free. Also, we have a good trial amount of 14 days, which can be extended as long as you need to address your desired solution with our Power-Up.

Last but not least, we try to include as many features that we can and which make sense in our Power-Up for this price:

Want a cheaper alternative to time-tracking in Trello? Give our Power-Up a try:

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