Privacy Policy

The data controller for:

  • the website
  • the GSuite add-ons Another Trello for Gmail and Post to Social Media(add-ons)
  • the Jira app Issue Time in Status and the Jira app Issue Time in Status Reports(apps)
  • the Trello Power-Up Card Time in List and Card Age(power-ups)
  • the app Task Time In Status(apps)

is Ketiona Agaj. Ketiona Agaj is a business entity registered in Albania with the registration code L71703038D.

You are free to give or refuse consent:

  • For the website, you can do this immediately when you access the site for the first time
  • For the add-ons:
    • For Another Trello for Gmail you can do this during installation via GSuite Marketplace.
    • For Post to Social Media you can deauthorize via the add-on menus.
  • For the power-ups, you can do this when you enable the power-ups via the Power-Ups view from Trello. You are free to not authorize the power-ups from the popup menu. You can also deauthorize the power-up later from the popup menu.
  • For the apps, you can both install and uninstall the apps from the app management page.

What is collected and why:

  • The website uses cookies only for analytical purposes. This is done just to get insights of engagement and to see what can be improved.
  • The add-ons collect only non-personal information through logs. This is done just to improve the add-ons or fix any bugs. More specifically:
    • For Another Trello for Gmail, nothing is stored or shared in the add-on with the exception of auth tokens for Trello which powers the add-on to post the message to Trello as a card only when the Gmail users clicks the button to post
    • For Post to Social Media, the add-on only stores tokens that grant the add-on the right to post to social media on user's behalf. Where possible such tokens are automatically refreshed so that the user does not need to re-authorize. The image files from Google Drive are posted to social networks only when the user clicks the button. Nothing is shared to any social media without the user authorizing the add-on and enabling posting to specific social media. The add-on automatically populates the text to post from the Google Drive image metadata. This is text editable prior to being posted.
  • The power-ups do not store any personal information. They only store non-personal information for analytical purposes.
  • The apps does not store any personal information. They only store non-personal information for analytical purposes.