Card Time In List Power-Up for Trello

Spot the time spent in each list just by looking at the card badge. Track time spent by card, member or label. Export time reports to Excel, CSV, PDF and many more features

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Duration icon

Spot the duration of the card in the list just by glancing on the card label

Shows the time the card has been on the current list. It takes into account even previous times the card has been on the current list.

List of durations icon

View the time spent on each list when you click the card

Shows the duration of the card in each of the lists it has been moved to. By default it shows cumulative times for each list. You can change the settings to display the time spent in each list in chronological order.

Clock icon for time tracking

Effortless time-tracking with minimal configuration

Just specify the lists you want to exclude from time-tracking and the Power-Up will only measure time spent on the rest of the lists.

Report icon

Create time-based reports by card, member and label

View tabular reports of the time each card has been on every list. Compare each duration to the average duration. Find the time cards with a specific member spent on each of the list. Displays the avarage time cards with a certain list or label spent on each of the board lists.

Export icon

Export durations to Excel, PDF and CSV

Export to various formats like Excel, CSV and PDF. You can export the time each card has been on each list.

Range indicator

Visual indicators to spot card state just by a glance

Show labels with different colors based on the card duration on a certain list. It helps to spot new cards and old cards easily.

Format icon

Format the duration as you like

Show duration in list in days, hours or even minutes. You can also provide your own format.

Exclude icon

Exclude days or intervals of time from your time reports

If you want to exclude certain days from the total task duration in your visual indicators or in reports you can specify them via settings.

Deadline icon

Visual indicator to show time until due date

If your card has a due date you can add an additional label to show the time until due date. If the card is overdue, duration will be displayed in negative sign.


$1/member/month on monthly subscription
$10/member/year on yearly subscription(saves you 2 months)
14-day trial to PREMIUM or even more if requested

Change unit of measureChange unit of measure
Change decimal placesChange decimal places
Export to CSVExport to CSV, Excel .xlsx, PDF etc.
-Automatic time-tracking
-Automatic work hours tracking
-Specify start date to start measuring durations
-Color ranges
-Exclude days i.e. weekends
-Time on board vs time on list
-Duration until due date or past due date
-Duration until start date or past start date
-Custom format


Do I have to pay for each member of my organization?

No, you pay only for the members you have selected during checkout process. If you want, you can include all members of a board/organization without having to select them all. If the same member exists on each board, it will be counted only once

Can I use Card Time In List for FREE?

Of course! Basic features will be forever FREE.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes you can. Check out our refund policy in the Terms of Service if interested.

Do you count outside observers?

No, we do not.